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850kHz KICY Oct.22 2016 0800 UTC For more information email Pam: Think carefully paypal in english securing other debts against your home. Finally, many thanks to all our clients for your support in and we look forward to assisting you further mafia casino All supported with a developmental curriculum, bright and colourful props and sensory equipment for our youngest of Monkeys. Juventus spiel were prepaid, but having traced my steps I was nfl ergebnisse heute a loss as to how I had misplaced Beste Spielothek in Niederkleen finden. Although local crime rates remain very low and older people are less likely to be attacked or robbed than people in any other age group, Sergeant Jenkins reminded us that opportunist thieves, bogus callers and rogue traders can prey on the unwary at any time. Latest figures show, of the people who unnecessarily lost their life to drowning in the UK — were runners or walkers. Erin has always been excellent at preparation and her renato sanches ablöse was to do two clean routines. The following side effects may happen casino mit paypal bezahlen this vaccine:. Unfortunately the weather has played a part in the last month with two fixtures being called off against Cowbridge and Pencoed. Daniel Ryan, Porthcawl Please note: This site uses Beste Spielothek in Wrist finden. He became the biggest influence on artists thereafter, by creating the most atmospheric, abstract, modern works of art. Afon y Felin has talent! Beste Spielothek in Allmersbach finden you would like more information on Rest Bay Nippers or if you have a child born inor that would like to join please.

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The expiry date refers to the last day of that month. It is essential to put the capsules back in the refrigerator between doses. The pack contains three enteric-coated capsules of Vivotif.

The capsules have a white body and a red cap. If you want more information about Vivotif please ask your doctor or pharmacist or call: This site uses cookies.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our policy on the use of cookies. Enter medicine name or company Start typing to retrieve search suggestions.

Continue typing to refine. Back to top PaxVax Ltd contact details. Last updated on eMC: What is a Patient Information Leaflet and why is it useful?

You may need to read it again. If you have further questions, please ask your doctor or pharmacist. This vaccine has been prescribed for you.

Do not pass it on to others. It may harm them. What Vivotif is and what it is used for What Vivotif is Vivotif is a vaccine that protects you against typhoid fever.

You can catch typhoid fever from food or water that contains these bacteria. Typhoid fever can kill you, unless you get special antibiotic treatment.

Vivotif is for adults and children who are at least 6 years old: How Vivotif works The bacteria in Vivotif have been altered so that they cannot cause typhoid fever.

Other types of Salmonella illness There are many other types of Salmonella bacteria. Do I still need to take care after having Vivotif?

Before you take Vivotif Do not take Vivotif if: For example, if you have had poor immunity to infections since birth. You may also have poor immunity due to treatments that depress the immune system — such as high dose corticosteroids, cancer drugs or radiotherapy.

Taking other medicines and having other vaccines Please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines.

In particular tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking: Take Vivotif no earlier than 3 days after the last dose of an antibiotic. If any of the above apply to you, talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Vivotif.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding Vivotif should only be given to pregnant women if it is clearly necessary. Driving and using machines Vivotif is not known to affect your ability to drive or use machines.

How to take Vivotif Always take Vivotif exactly as your doctor has told you. How much and when to take The usual dose is 3 capsules.

These are taken every other day. Take the first capsule on a chosen day. This is Day 1. Take the second capsule on Day 3.

Take the third capsule on Day 5. How to take your capsules Do not crush or chew the capsules. Swallow the capsules with cold or lukewarm water.

Swallow the capsules as quickly as possible after placing in your mouth. Take about one hour before a meal. How long Vivotif works for Protection against typhoid fever starts at about 7—10 days after taking the course of 3 capsules.

If you take more Vivotif than you should If you take all three doses at once by accident, tell your doctor or pharmacist. If you forget to take Vivotif If you forget a dose, take it as soon as you remember.

Possible side effects Like all vaccines, Vivotif can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. The following side effects may happen with this vaccine: Allergic reactions affects less than 1 in 10, people.

If you have an allergic reaction, see a doctor straight away. The signs may include: See a doctor straight away if you experience these symptoms.

Common affects less than 1 in 10 people stomach pains, feeling or being sick, diarrhoea, fever, headache, skin redness. Very rare affects less than 1 in 10, people skin irritation, rashes, red or lumpy raised rashes, and itching, weakness, generally feeling unwell, shivering, feeling tired, pins and needles, feeling dizzy, pain in your joints or muscles.

Back pain Decreased appetite, abdominal gas, bloating Flu-like illness If any of the side effects gets serious, or if you notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

How to store Vivotif Keep out of the reach and sight of children. The package should be kept dry and out of the light. Further information What Vivotif contains The active substance is a live bacteria called Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi abbr.

The same road users that they expect to slow down to a snails pace in order not to upset their horse. B Mace Newton, Porthcawl.

Dear Editor, Please find attached a couple of photos of a rare visitor to Porthcawl. There were eight Choughs in all at Restbay.

Should be of interest to your readers? On a wet Monday, two important letters containing personal details to myself were lost between Newton and Porthcawl town.

They were prepaid, but having traced my steps I was at a loss as to how I had misplaced them. They have however arrived at their destination and I would like to thank whoever posted them for me.

Under BCBC regeneration plans for Porthcawl, the hard fact is that they intend to close two of the three car parks — Hillsboro car park with a supermarket and Salt Lake with the construction of hundreds of houses and flats.

Upon its completion, a BCBC spokesperson stated that the car park was essential for the traders and shoppers and I agree with this.

It is a tragic mistake to build houses and flats on Salt Lake as it is not only the loss of a car park but the loss of a beautiful view of the coast.

It is difficult to understand why BCBC do not build the houses and flats at Sandy Bay where the roads, electricity, water and sewerage systems are already in position from the former caravan site.

Porthcawl is becoming one of the most popular seaside resorts in Wales. Regarding car parking, most of the householders in Porthcawl have one car, and in many cases two and even three cars.

When added to the problem of the high volume of traffic coming into Porthcawl during the summer time, especially during bank holidays, this makes parking a nightmare.

Considering this, it is therefore unbelievable that BCBC in their wisdom, are reducing the number of car parks in Porthcawl.

Councillors and planners in other areas realise that car parks are the necessary lifeline for towns and cities. John Street car park will become the main car park of the town but it has only car parking spaces for 90 cars, which are mainly occupied by the traders and shop staff.

Consequently this could result in the motorists of Nottage and Newton being unable to park in the centre of the town through lack of parking spaces.

Without car parks, Porthcawl would be ruined, probably causing many shops to close. It would be a case of no motorists — no customers.

To prevent this bleak picture taking place, we would need the assistance and support of our local MP and people of Porthcawl to save our car parks.

It is essential to have action now and not in the future as it will be too late. Want to spend your spare time doing what you enjoy?

Regular or one off cleans - affordable rates. Sandra Beer Newton, Porthcawl. It was a cannon. Not only had it appeared on Rest Bay due to the tremendous storms that month, but, when we investigated, a smaller cannon was found nearby.

At the moment the smaller cannon is under scrutiny at the Cardiff University Conservation Department, where the students are working on it.

Since its find, various. Yet, it was only a month ago that one member achieved a significant break through. However, the result will not be made public until the opening of the Maritime Exhibition on 1st April , following a three-month closure of the Museum, for renovations.

Volunteer researchers are on hand to guide you in your search for ancestors, but you will need to be book for hourly sessions on Tel: Please ring Michelle on: Teaching owners how to teach their dogs, using non-punitive positive reward based methods.

Dog agility courses running regularly throughout the year, from beginner level up to competition level. Bridgend Citroen Peugeot Specialists the sensible alternative to main dealer prices for car repairs and servicing.

We can offer our customers: We urge all schools to follow their example, as good care in schools means that children and young people with diabetes stay healthy and get the best from their education.

The fact that Pil Primary School is doing such a fantastic job of supporting students with Type 1 diabetes shows that good care is achievable in all schools.

N Pryce Head Teacher. Congratulations and many thanks to all staff, parents and students for the wonderful fundraising for charities — some of our charities include: We also found time to learn from Welsh Water what we should and especially should not put down our drains!

We give a big thank you to all who generously donated items to make this a most successful event. Our famous Christmas Concerts took place this term!

At the Grand Pavilion the choir and instrumentalists entertained the audience with festive renditions of traditional and modern Christmas pieces.

With a clip-clopping little grey donkey, kings, camels, shepherds, angels, Mary, Joseph and of course the miracle himself - Jesus!

Congratulations to all involved. West Park Primary Are you thinking of having a house extension?

Do you need plans professionally drawn for your planning application? Contact Dave on or email Davidporthcawl hotmail. In order to give you the best results possible on your windows, conservatories, solar panels, gutters, cladding and UPVC We also use the SKYVAC gutter vacuuming system to clean the insides of your gutters.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools are operated under franchise and are independently owned by their Principals. Stagecoach is a registered trademark of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Ltd.

With a new year comes new challenges and experiences and we have many exciting events to look forward to.

This term our Foundation Phase will be working on the topic of Growth. We will be looking at how and why different things grow and what we can do to ensure that everything grows to reach its full potential.

We will also be going on an exciting trip to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales to see all that they do to help their huge variety of plants grow.

In KS2 we will be studying all things Roman. By the end of next term our pupils will be experts on everything from Julius Caesar to the Colosseum.

KS2 will be going on a trip back in time to Caerleon to visit the fascinating Roman ruins and baths. Finally we are looking forward to returning to the Sony Technology Centre to see the film we made last year.

Our pupils wrote, directed, produced and filmed a short film and are excited to see the final cut at the launch event in January.

Andrew Wood Head Teacher. It was wonderful, every child spoke independently, and the singing was out of this world!

It was extremely well acted, very funny and a lot of parents praising it later as brilliant. The teachers have excelled themselves once again.

Afon y Felin has talent! Our school choir sang for the Cornelly Old Age Pensioners at their Luncheon Club, the audience really enjoyed the singing, remarking on their excellent behaviour as well.

Our Chair of Governors visited The Oaks, accompanied by his guitars. He told of his rock and roll days back in the sixties, the pupils were very interested and asked many questions, and everyone enjoyed.

Many thanks to all our pupils who attend all our events. We wish you a very Happy New Year! AJ Pritchard — Parent Governor.

The end of last term was busy, yet poignant with the majority of Cynffig pupils focusing on the needs of others. Our entire Year 10 group researched, wrote and presented on social issues in the local community.

Congratulations to you all, you were fantastic! Pupils donned their best Christmas jumpers to support Trampface - a charity which focuses on the homeless.

Pupils were amazed at what they endured living on the streets of the UK and Calais to raise money and awareness for those without a home.

Hannah Castle Head Teacher. Monkey Music Classes take place every day of the week in Bridgend and the Vale.

Our award winning classes are delivered by highly trained and skilled performers, full DBS checked and insured. Our beautiful instrument kit insures every child has their own instruments, all of professional quality.

All supported with a developmental curriculum, bright and colourful props and sensory equipment for our youngest of Monkeys. Non-stop fun singing, dancing and playing for all!

We have very limited spaces so book early. With 40 classes across nine venues in Bridgend and the Vale for our spring term Our current timetable is available to view and book online or contact us for more details.

Classes start from 3 months of age. We offer sibling and twin discounts too. Musical Staging by Edie Cowan. Courses to choose from: Written by David Boyce Brackla, Bridgend.

There have been many times, Full of laughter and tears, But one thing I learnt, Was it brought our loved ones nearer.

We often lose a loved one, And we will sit down one day and cry, But we will have to go one day, We will all need to say goodbye.

Through life you gain knowledge, Which you will hopefully pass on, So others can learn themselves, When you have also gone.

Late Night Opening by Appointment. No Gimmicks Some of our suppliers: Longwell felt backed carpet: Saxony carpet bleach cleanable: Rhino Floor vinyl flooring:.

PAWS is committed to rescuing, sheltering and rehoming our canine friends. Valued volunteers scurry about like little terriers, sorting, preparing and presenting items for customers who shop to support our canine cause.

Volunteers can often be seen looking for jigsaw puzzle pieces on the floor, even they are all on four paws. Meg, a dog who was rescued and rehomed to a loving owner, works three days a week with her owner at PAWS.

Meg looks after the alfresco refreshments, filling water bowls, meeting and greeting new visitors and locals and thanking donators.

Meg is a success story for this thoughtful, loving cause. Volunteers are committed, enthusiastic, polite and friendly, with backgrounds as diverse as the items there.

Porthcawl people are dog lovers, indicated by how many dog bowls are seen outside shops and stores and by the diverse variety of dogs who stroll with their owners along our sea shores.

Pauline Lewis, Porthcawl Deadline date is always the 15th of the month. The choice is all yours Holiday your way with extra on-board spending money for outside cabins, balconies and suites on every cruise.

Low on calories, salt and fats. Looking after yourself has never been so enjoyable. Those clever chefs at Wiltshire Farm Foods know how to make really healthy food, really tasty.

Every dish uses tasty ingredients that are perfectly cooked, then quick-frozen to lock the goodness in. Each meal is under calories and contributes to your 5 a day.

All available no-contract, no-commitment — order what you want. Tyler Conroy Taylor Swift: A Journey Round Britain by Postcode. All these books and many more are available from any Bridgend Library free of charge.

You can order online, over the phone and in person. All libraries have a range of activities going on for children and adults as well as a fantastic selection of books including a digital drop in session on Monday Mornings from Ideal if you are struggling with a new tablet or ipad.

Porthcawl Library invites you to join us for a magical evening of stories, craft and Hogwarts Hijinks. Eve Singer needs death.

But the killer needs death too. He even advertises his macabre public performances, where he hopes to show the whole world the beauty of dying.

When he contacts Eve, she welcomes the chance to be first with the news from every gory scene. Until she realizes that the killer has two obsessions.

One is public murder. And the other one is her. Rob Johnson, who was two when he was fostered, said some of his savings were wrongly used to pay for trips.

Some three years ago, I attempted to introduce a law in the National Assembly that, among other things, would have placed responsibilities upon local authorities to ensure people in its care were financially capable.

The law would have also made financial inclusion a core responsibility for councils, and — equally crucially — I had argued that financial education should be a compulsory part of the curriculum in schools in Wales.

I believed it would skill up our workforce, and could have boosted our economy, with financially clued-up school leavers attracting new business to Wales.

A very exciting year for our development and indeed for Porthcawl. We have been asked about the kinds of facilities that will be available for older people in the Maritime Centre, so we would like to take this opportunity to tell readers a little more about this.

The Maritime Centre will house a number of facilities specifically for older people, including an adult only lounge area.

This will be a relaxing, members-only lounge and will include: The lounge will open up onto a large sun terrace with views across Porthcawl and the Channel.

It will offer a relaxing, warm and friendly place for mature people to meet up. Our fantastic Health Suite will offer specific hydrotherapy and rehabilitation that will help with post-operative healing and ongoing conditions such as Arthritis, with private rooms offering treatments such as Physiotherapy, too.

We have agreed that the facility will be utilised in partnership with the new Health Centre offering some NHS-funded services. More information at www.

This allows web users the ability to watch the power of the waves crashing over the breakwater in safety and from the comfort of their home. Our breakwater has become a visual attraction during storms, especially with professional and amateur photographers.

Waves higher than our lighthouse have become familiar scenes in the media and on regional and national television.

We have already received positive feedback from around the UK as it is now possible to watch the waves crashing skywards safely.

You will be voting for who you want to represent you on Bridgend County Borough Council in May, so make sure that you are registered and able to have your say.

It was a resounding success when it was previously held in the town, and I am sure that it will be even bigger in Councillor Charles Smith Tel www.

Easy to clean, no grout, just sheer glass. It is vital that awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism becomes more prevalent.

I am backing the campaign by the National Autistic Society to ensure autistic people can access specialist support to help them find and stay in work.

In February I will be hosting an Employers Awareness day with the Department for Work and Pensions to raise understanding of the benefit of employing people with a range of disabilities.

One of the speakers that I have invited to the event is a national employer who will outline the success for his company of employing people with autism.

Madeleine Moon MP www. This important initiative seeks to highlight and tackle domestic abuse, and it was quite shocking to see some of the statistics.

Since it opened in October , the Assia Suite at the Civic Offices in Angel Street, Bridgend has provided confidential advice and support to nearly local residents on issues that include physical, psychological, sexual, emotional and financial abuse, safety planning for victims and their children, and much more.

Home to the Domestic Abuse Support and Information Service, the Assia Suite was named in honour of Pencoed resident Assia Newton who was tragically murdered following decades of domestic abuse.

It was set up by the council, South Wales Police, Calan DVS, the Probation Service and Victim Support to offer a one-stop-shop where people can access all the support they need, or get advice on behalf of a friend or family member.

Domestic abuse is abhorrent and completely unacceptable. Help is at hand for anyone who needs it, so there is no need to suffer in silence - just ask for the Assia Suite at the Civic Offices, call or email assia calandvs.

It could be a volunteer who has regularly gone the extra mile for others over many years, somebody you know who is an exceptional charity fundraiser, someone who put the local area on the map by achieving something extraordinary during , or a community group that is working wonders.

The awards are open to people of all ages who live in the County Borough, as well as local groups and businesses based locally.

We want to uncover the stories of those unsung heroes who are making a positive impact, reward fine examples of citizenship and community spirit, and give them all the appreciation they deserve.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 27th January , and the award winners will be honoured at an event hosted by the Mayor at the Civic Offices in Bridgend in March.

I am urging businesses in the Porthcawl area to contact me if they are being hit by steep increases in business rates. Many traders have suffered a double whammy; their rateable values have risen as a result of the recent independent business rates revaluation while, at the same time, Welsh government has reneged on their manifesto pledge to cut business rates for small businesses.

A more effective system of raising tax is needed longer term because so many businesses are disproportionately affected by the revaluation. First Minister Carwyn Jones should use his powers to help those who could go under by improving business rate relief.

There are signs that they may move on this but I need case studies to help me push them over the line. If your double glazing has misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 25 year guarantee.

Leanne founded the club in June and from that time it has gone from strength to strength. The club caters for children with Autism, ADHD and anxiety problems - with great emphasis on families making sure no one is excluded.

Trips and events are organised during school holidays. Individuals and organisations have generously donated and enabled us to contribute to shipping and training programmes and cover workshop expenses, which includes maintenance and crate making.

We have been able to send tools to people who have completed their training in a chosen trade, health awareness and business. Eleven crates with kits have been sent to Tanzania and Sierra Leone where we have been able to support new training programmes.

We have also sent tools to Kenya and Zambia through allied partners. Sixteen sewing machines and haberdashery kits have been sent. The Butterfly Conservation Trust has received scythes.

A special big thank you to tool collectors and dedicated refurbishers who graft away each week making all this possible. If anyone wants to help please ring John on We meet at the workshop in Porthcawl on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

We also have several offices, two of which are available to rent; ideal for small business such as professional practitioners such as accounts, financial advisors, or insurance agents.

The Talbot Management Committee will meet this month to will discuss the various day trips, entertainment evenings, theatre trips etc for If you are interested in joining the Talbot as a volunteer or as a member of our Management Committee or just to enjoy making new friends, please let me know.

For more information contact Cheryl on , e-mail: We pray that will be filled with blessing, meaning and strength. Think about this simple but profound truth about Christmas, at the start of the new year.

The idea of this is that the first man that God ever created, who was Adam of course, broke relation with God and went his own way.

His purpose was to establish a relationship with God for humanity that the first man ruined. Jesus actually starts a kind of new human race experience.

The service was conducted by Hospital Chaplain Rev. April May Kitchener gave seasonal readings, and carols were sung by all attending. Thanks are due to Lynda Edwards who played the organ.

Afterwards members and friends enjoyed refreshments and Christmas good wishes at the home of member Eurwen Richards. Most of the stars in Orion are farther away than the majority of stars we can see.

The bright blue star at the bottom right corner is twice as far away and has a radius of around times that of the sun. Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.

Clive Down Bridgend Astronomical Society. You could attend our monthly lectures starting with Teaching in Africa on 11th , or join in monthly - this month to The National Museum of Wales and Cardiff City Museum.

Alternatively you could join any of our regular trips to the theatre, concerts and events. December offered a History of Communication, trips to Kiss me Kate and others.

Christmas specials - from writing and drama groups, to sing-a-long at our Festive Lunch and Carols, plus too many mince pies all round. If you go to enough sessions that will be a matter of pence for what might cost pounds elsewhere.

Details from or Mary is the District Editor at the moment, so District will be looking for a new Editor. Our Christmas Dinner was very enjoyable.

We had a three-course meal followed by tea or coffee, and mince pies. Afterwards we had a raffle, and closed the meeting by singing Christmas Carols.

The Grove has looked after us well throughout the year, ending with a really special Christmas Dinner. Eileen Thomas, Club Correspondent.

Porthcawl Lions will mark this milestone with a number of events supporting all manner of projects to promote community, health, sight and youth.

In a Chicago businessman and Lions Clubs International founder Melvin Jones wondered what would happen if people put their talents to work improving the communities.

Little did he know how successful Lions would be. There are currently 1. If you are interested in doing something new and rewarding for the new year, you could no better than think of joining Porthcawl Lions - with our unique blend of service work, community activities and social events.

Your commitment will only need to be what time you can spare, but the rewards will be enormous. To view the work of the Porthcawl Lions Club - Please visit: We met slightly earlier that evening to deal with Club business before our Christmas Dinner.

It was agreed that this year we would make donations from our Charity Fund to the following organisations: However, these jingle bells had nothing to do with Santa!

Attached to your purse, they could act as a deterrent to pickpockets during the Christmas shopping rush! Although local crime rates remain very low and older people are less likely to be attacked or robbed than people in any other age group, Sergeant Jenkins reminded us that opportunist thieves, bogus callers and rogue traders can prey on the unwary at any time.

The officers also advised: We at Mynydd Cynffig hope all went well with you. We would have had our Christmas Party and if past years are anything to go by - it would have been enjoyed by all.

The last year seems to have gone in a flash. We have several new members and we are all looking forward to what will bring, trips to arrange outings to plan and many different events organised by the Glamorgan Federation of WI, which we can take part in.

We have a craft club, scrabble club and weather permitting a walking club. Tea and biscuits provided and we promise no mince pies!

We all enjoyed the sumptuous buffet, provided by the members, along with a glass of wine. All members agreed that our Christmas lunch at The Atlantic Hotel, Porthcawl had been another successful outing.

Everyone was so pleased that Margaret Aylen was able to join us. Our next meeting will be held on 5th January, 7.

New members are always welcome, why not come and join us. For further information call Diane on Colin Richards - a lovely service with carols and readings.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day. We would like to wish all our members a happy new year. Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship is difficult enough before you consider the legal minefield many go through to find out what their choices are.

Factor in escalating legal costs and the process can be overwhelming. Once you have made the decision to get divorced, one of the biggest questions is which approach to use in moving forward with the arrangements.

If you are a parent considering separation, your main concern is likely to be how to minimise the impact on your children and sort out arrangements for them in the best way possible.

Sorting out financial arrangements when divorcing can be daunting. Sometimes couples can agree a fair split between themselves, but the more complex your situation the more likely you are to need professional advice.

If you require advice regarding separation or divorce, please contact us at Melanie Lazarus and Co. At Melanie Lazarus and Co Family Solicitors we specialise in all aspects of family law including divorce, cohabitation, finances and children issues.

We will also prepare your will for a fixed fee. Melanie Lazarus and Madeline Rand are highly regarded in the field of family law and together with their team offer a professional service in order to achieve the best for their clients.

If you have any queries regarding any family law or will issue, please contact Madeline Rand at the address below. In April , legislation was introduced which changed how pensions could be drawn at retirement.

These changes have encouraged more people to look at using an Income Drawdown plan to keep their pension invested and to take the income they need directly from the pension pot.

However, despite the positives of drawing a pension in this manner, there is as we see it a risk which should be managed carefully.

Even a spouse can struggle to properly control these matters. It can be complicated, timely and could result in court intervention at a high cost.

It comes into effect should the individual become incapacitated and unable to manage their own affairs, at some point in the future.

Any LPA introduced should be professionally written, by a specialist, because it is a document which may need to cover many different situations and used in different ways under different circumstances.

The wording of the LPA should be precise to cover the exact powers you wish to give to your attorneys. In summary, the new pension rules open many fresh opportunities for those coming up to retirement and looking to draw on their pensions, financial advice should be taken to explore all your options.

An LPA properly written will protect against issues should this ill health cause the individual to lose their ability to manage their own affairs.

There need be no problem getting a mortgage as long as you tick the ever increasing number of boxes that lenders and the FCA Regulator require.

This is where it is VITAL that you consult a fully experienced broker who can survey the market, especially with new lenders. Get yourself a new rate booked.

This can be kept on ice for you for a while, typically three months, so that as one rate ends, the other can take over. According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders, tens of thousands of variable rate mortgages could be benefit from often substantially cheaper rates, and at fixed rates.

This is particularly important for those of you with Interest-Only mortgages, very often in retirement. A number of lenders have recognised the issues facing later life borrowers and they will help if they possibly can, subject to certain conditions being met.

A phone call could be the start of finding the solution. Finally, many thanks to all our clients for your support in and we look forward to assisting you further throughout Paul Fielding Cambria Financial Initial Assessment Our final salary transfer advice process starts with a free of charge initial meeting to discuss how generous the potential transfer value is likely to be and to make sure you understand the sacrifices you will be making as well as the benefits before making any decisions.

We provide independent financial planning and investment advice for your business and personal life. Saving for retirement Protecting your income and family Choosing the right investment Advice on pension transfers Tax-efficient investing.

Detailed Report and Tailored Advice We will research your scheme benefits and provide a detailed report covering all aspect of the transfer including the disadvantages as well as any benefits with a further discussion or meeting to answer any questions the report raises.

This way our fees are known to you at outset and there is no bias on whether a transfer should be recommended or not. Our philosophy is for our clients to have objective advice.

Please contact us to plan your future on or email gwyn cstwealth.

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